What is the best day in the history of the world?

Over the holiday’s I watched the movie, Jeff Who Lives at Home (released in 2012.) The movie was about a late 20’s/early 30’s man who still lives at home with his mother. While the movie had moments of humor and a sentimental message, a particular quote stuck out from it. Jeff had a recurring dream of his late father asking him the question, “Jeff, what is the greatest day in the history in the world?” Before Jeff had time to answer, his father would say, “Today, today is the greatest day in the history of the world.” While watching the movie, I found myself so anxious to hear the answer of what is/was the greatest day in the history of the world. After reflecting on the movie’s answer, I agree that today is the greatest day in the history of the world.

Today, we and the world know more about everything than we did yesterday. Today, we have more experience and confidence to make the world a better place. Today, we all have the ability to make life better for someone else.

How does this movie quote apply to aging issues? Please click the link below to see the graph which shows a shift in demographic trends from the year 1900 all the way through projected trends to the year 2060.


The graph above is fascinating. I have watched it cycle through over and over. We have heard for many years that America is getting older. As a visual learner, this graph clearly tells that story. As we are now in the year 2014, we can see our elderly population is starting to grow very quickly. Of course, this is exciting as it proves medical technology is continuing to advance, giving large groups of people the opportunity to live to an older age. In addition to improvements in medical technology, people in America are having fewer children. Therefore, by a percentage base, the elderly will continue to grow and have an increasing presence in our population for the foreseeable future. However, the explosion of seniors has many in our society worried. From a health care standpoint, many in society are worried that the elderly population will tap far too heavily into our resources, such as health care. In order to mitigate these concerns steps must be taken to provide the elderly population opportunities to avoid major health pain and expense.

At Seacrest at Home, we are preventing larger expenses in the form of monetary and pain. Our Home Care Associates work to help keep individuals in the comforts of their own home. Seacrest at Home has nearly 100 Home Care Associates and we are continuing to grow. We are preparing for the coming boom of seniors and are committed to growing our team with individuals that think, today is and will be the greatest day in the history of the world.