Record Marathon…at 91

Last Sunday, a woman set an official international record marathon time at the Rock N’ Roll Marathon, right here in San Diego! No, this woman did not win the race. Perhaps though, the record she set was more impressive than the actual winner. Harriet Thompson, a 91 year old, shattered the women’s record for those aged 90 and up by over two hours! Mrs. Thompson finished the race in just over 7 hours. For anyone to finish a grueling 26.2 mile challenge is incredible. However, to be 91 and battling cancer is so just inspiring.

I’m certain Harriet’s record time will be broken in the very near future by some other super senior out in the world.  Records are meant to be broken and that is why I love this story. No matter the challenge; physical, emotional or mental, senior’s today are pushing the bar and achieving milestones never thought to be possible years ago. We are in the beginning stages of seeing an entire generation of seniors and even centenarians carrying out their lives as though they were young. Because of this mindset, the contributions our elderly will bring to the world will be invaluable. Harriet’s record time goes well beyond just an impressive race medal. She raised money for cancer and inspired the world that anything is possible, no matter one’s age.

For more on Harriet Thompson’s story, please see the link below.