Seacrest at Home has been serving our clients for over a year now.   To date, we have logged over 40,000 hours of care as well as over 120 different clients.  Clearly, we are pleased with these numbers and see continued growth for the future.   As the Community Liaison, I spend a majority of my time marketing and promoting to educate our community on WHAT we do at Seacrest at Home.   I go down a checklist of the activities of daily living that our Home Care Associates can assist with.   I talk about how our staff goes through an interview, training and screening process unlike any other home care agency out there.   I talk about our wonderful affiliation with the Jewish retirement home, Seacrest Village.  I brag about our non-profit status and our charitable care capabilities. While all of these messages are important, perhaps the best and most effective way of describing Seacrest at Home can be through the stories, relationships and special moments between Home Care Associate, client or family member.  These warm stories and relationships are WHY Seacrest at Home exists.   I will place greater emphasis on this point as to communicate our message throughout the community.

In order for us to capture and recognize more of these special moments, we have created a “Kudos” board.  This board will recognize individuals that we hear have done something above and beyond.  At the end of each month, a special drawing will take place for all those who made it on the “Kudos” board.  If you are a client, family member or Home Care Associate, please share we greatly appreciate hearing all about WHY Seacrest at Home exists.  Stay tuned for pictures of our decorated “Kudos” board.