Home Care – Could We All Benefit?

Recently, I attended a panel discussion on the current and future state of aging in California. Unfortunately, the experts in this discussion painted a somewhat gloomy picture for the future. The major reason for their concern was the demographic shift that is already occurring today. By the year 2030, California will be home to over 4 million more residents 65+. This means that by 2030, 20% or 1 in every 5 people will be 65 and older. The implications of these statistics have many consequences: lack of affordable senior housing, fewer workers paying into Social Security/Medicare as well as more of our limited resources devoted toward aging and health care costs.

After these experts were finished telling us bad news, they offered a few solutions. One of their top solutions was in-home care-giving. They advocated for more and better quality in-home care options. In-home care is so critically important for many reasons. The type of care Seacrest at Home Care Associates are providing might prevent a fall, support healthy eating, inhibit loneliness and aid in the recovery of illness. All of the benefits that our Associates provide will very likely help the client avoid going to a nursing home and or hospital. Not only are the nursing home and hospital, less desired and comfortable for that person but they are also significantly more expensive for our State. By providing compassionate care to our clients, our Home Care Associates are doing far more than just helping make a meal, assisting with a shower or supplying companionship. They truly are helping secure more resources for us all, today and into the future.

The need for caring individuals like, Seacrest at Home Care Associates, will only continue to grow. I am so proud and fortunate to be a part of a wonderful group that is doing critically important work. Getting the chance to see and hear about the work our care staff is doing for our client’s and their family leaves me wanting to write those expert panelists and tell them, “not to fear, Seacrest at Home is here.”