Happy Thanksgiving!

Earlier this week, I heard a radio story about a San Diego woman that recently turned 108 years old. The woman’s name is Laura Simon. I was captivated to hear her story and of course her “secret” to living healthy and happily, well past the century mark. I was envisioning a combination of lifelong healthy eating (I pictured lots of kale) and an intense exercise regimen. She may have done these, but in her interview she does not mention this. If you would like more information on her story, please see the link attached below.

Being that this week is Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fitting to tie in Laura Simon’s amazing story to why being thankful and practicing genuine gratitude might increase one’s chances of living a long and fulfilled life too. There are many published studies which show a correlation between health and happiness. This seems so easy then. To live a long and healthy life, we should all just be happy. But how do we get happy? I’m sure Amazon could gladly recommend over a hundred books on how to do so. If reading is not your thing, then perhaps one could ask society, “How can I be happy?” Society often tells us that our happiness lies within one’s status, image and/or material possessions. Although, many experts claim society’s notion of happiness is not correct. The experts in the field of happiness claim that being thankful and practicing gratitude are the most important factors in one’s overall happiness. When I heard the connection between genuine gratitude and happiness I thought of all the people I had met that were at least one hundred years old. The ten or so names that came to mind all had an amazing outlook and ability to be grateful for life. Although, I have never met Laura Simon, she seems to be an incredibly grateful and happy person. Her story has inspired me this week to reflect and reevaluate how I express my own personal gratitude. I hope you are inspired too!

Seacrest at Home is tremendously grateful to our clients and their families who place trust in our care. Also, to our Home Care Associates, your care and compassion is often above and beyond and we are all incredibly impressed.

Seacrest at Home wishes everyone a healthy, happy and grateful Thanksgiving. For more tips on why and how to practice gratitude, please see an addition video link from the TED organization.