Continuing Education Details

Month of April training hours:

Hosted by Alzheimer’s San Diego and Seacrest village by Jon Barraca

To sign up for free Inservice with Alzheimer’s San Diego go to  ( you can sign up for more than one class).

Inservice with Jon Barraca at Seacrest village location does not require a sign up, just show up and let him know you are from SAH.

April 18 – 10:00- 12:00 – Communication Skills > Alzheimer’s SD 6632 Convoy Ct San Diego, CA 92111 @ 10:00- 12:00

April 22 – 12:45pm – 2:15pm – Home Care, Day care and Memory care > Jewish family Service’s college Avenue Center 6299 Capri Dr San Diego 92120 @ 12:45pm – 2:15pm

April 23 @6:30am/2:00pm/2:30pm – Dementia > Seacrest Village Goldberg TV room

April 23 – Coping with Personality & behavior changes > Alzheimer’s San Diego 6632 Convoy Ct San Diego CA 92111 @10:00-12:00

April 30- Choking and Prevention > Seacrest Village Goldberg Tv room                    @6:30/2:00/2:30pm


Available Online Training Medline University

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Basics of enteral nutrition support 1 hour
Bathing with dignity for caregivers 1 hour
Bloodborne pathogens 1 hour
Can a cranberry a day keep UTIs away? For healthcare assistant 1 hour
Cancer, palliative and hospice care for healthcare assistant .5 hour
Caring for the cognitively impaired for healthcare assistants .5 hour
Caring for the dying patient 1 hour
Combatting malnutrition in long term care .15 hour
Communication, culture and family in end-of-life care 1 hour
Communications: peer relationships 2 hour
Communication: the process and between generations 1 hour
Continence management for hospice/home care caregivers 1 hour
Controlling violence in healthcare and prevention elder abuse 1 hour
CSSD promoting team work 1 hour
Customer service in healthcare for healthcare assistants .5 hour
Elder abuse: what you need to know .5 hour
Falls prevention: tools and strategies 1 hour
Family interactions .5 hour
Feeding a resident for healthcare assistants 1 hour
Feeding dementia patients with dignity 1 hour
Fire safety 1 hour
Fits like a glove: hand hygiene with glove use 1 hour
Hand hygiene and skin care for healthcare assistants .25 hour
Hand hygiene improvement strategies 1 hour
Hand hygiene: protecting yourself and others 1 hour
Infection urinary and prevention: it’s up to you 1 hour
Infection prevention in long term setting 1 hour
Influenza prevention for the healthcare assistants .25 hour
Knowledge of dementia disorders for healthcare assistants .50 hour
Nutrition’s role in urinary tract infection and hydration .15 hour
Oral health across the age spectrum: healthcare assistants .75 hour
Patient safety: increasing awareness 1 hour
Personal hygiene 1 hour
Prevention unsafe wandering and elopement 1 hour
Prevention: treatment to keep the skin healthy 1 hour
Recognizing domestic violence 1 hour
Residents rights: confidentiality 1 hour
Resident rights: privacy 1 hour
Residents rights: the art of caring 1 hour
Respecting and dignity .25 hour
Safe patient handling: positioning 1 hour
Skin care for healthcare assistants .15 hour
Skintegrity: patient education .15 hour
Skintegrity: nutrition and hydration for nursing assistants .15 hour
Standards for infection control: an update for healthcare workers 1 hour
Understanding diabetes – for healthcare assistants .5 hour
What is palliative care? For healthcare assistants .25 hour