June 2019 Caregiver Newsletter (English)

This month, we have four videos that focus exclusively on transfers.

The first video is about DEPENDENT transfers. A dependent transfer means that the client “depends” on you for assistance with the transfer. We will show some of the tips you can use with someone who doesn’t have a lot of strength. We will look at moving from a wheelchair to a chair and from a wheelchair into a shower.

The second video is about INDEPENDENT transfers. An independent transfer means that the client is a little more “independent” as does not require as much help as a dependent client.

The third video will teach you some tips on how to transfer a client from a toilet to a walker. This one can be challenging because many bathrooms don’t provide a lot of room to maneuver.

The fourth video focuses on transferring a client from a wheelchair to a vehicle. We have gotten a lot of questions about this transfer and Susi and Danisha will answer some of those questions.