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Seacrest at Home-Doing RIGHT before it is law

Caregivers hired by an agency, under our current labor law, are classified as “companion care.”  An employee that is classified as “companion care” is afforded no protection in terms of minimum wage and overtime pay.  However, earlier this week, the Obama administration passed a law which extends the minimum wage and overtime protection to caregivers hired by agencies.  This means that these home care associates will be required to be paid minimum wage and overtime, if accrued. Sadly, many for-profit home care agencies have protested this legislation as it will increase their labor expense and cut into profits.

When reading about this new piece of legislation, I am reminded why I am so proud to work at Seacrest at Home.  One reason being that, from our first day of operation, we insisted that in order to obtain and retain the best home care associates, we must pay them not only minimum wage, but an hourly rate that is higher than the industry average. Without any deliberation, if one of our home care associates works more than 40 hours in a given week, they are given proper OT pay.  Seacrest at Home does NOT need legislation to be passed in order for us to do the RIGHT thing.  We applaud the passage of this legislation for caregivers and inevitably their clients will benefit.  Unfortunately, it does not take into effect until January 2015.  Therefore, it gives many home care agencies another 15 months to delay fair payment to their home care associates.

I believe Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez  states it perfectly when describing the passing of this new law, “Today we are taking an important step toward guaranteeing that these professionals receive the wage protections they deserve while protecting the right of individuals to live at home.”

If you would like to read more about this subject, I have attached a link to the NYT article below.

U.S. to Include Home Care Aides in Wage and Overtime Law

New Revelations about Client Satisfaction

Seacrest at Home is committed to providing the best quality of care in the non-medical home care industry. We are constantly striving to learn how we can improve our client’s satisfaction. When we came across this recent report by the SCAN Foundation, we found it very refreshing that many of the findings support our continuum of practice.

The SCAN Foundation conducted a study to help examine which caregiver’s attributes lead to highest client satisfaction. From The SCAN Foundation’s report, a few issues became evident. They found that many people value those with strong interpersonal skills. Having effective verbal and written communication is critical. Also, caregivers must be observant of protocol and be willing to follow the rules. These skills are suggestive of one’s ability to provide assistance with activities of daily life.

At Seacrest at Home, we are determined to hire only those caregivers that have substantial previous caregiving experience. We make sure our Home Care Associates have a high school degree, or equivalent. Our Home Care Associates must have strong communication skills as well as a compassionate personality in order to pass our interview process. In addition, our Home Care Associates go through a 3-day training period where they are trained in proper regulations, mechanics and Jewish customs.

The SCAN Foundation‘s study also supported the importance of feeling physically safe. When an individual receives care, they are in fact inviting a stranger into their home. For one to be satisfied with care, it is essential that the client and Home Care Associate have a mutual trusting relationship. The emotional relationship the caregiver and client have for one another is critical to overall client satisfaction.

At Seacrest at Home, we put great pride in mandating our Home Care Associates have cleared background checks with the DOJ ( Department of Justice) for the State of California, as well as the FBI (state and federal backgrounds. We want to make sure our clients are receiving care from the most trusting and reliable individuals. We understand how important the relationship between client and Home Care Associate is forhighsatisfaction of care. Therefore, our Home Care Coordinator initially meets with the client to find out their preferences and personality. From this, we are able to match the client up with a Home Care Associate that would be a “best fit”.

At Seacrest at Home, we are continually trying to improve service and quality of care. We are encouraged by the findings of this study and will continue to find Home Care Associates that meet our high standard. In addition, we will continually think of innovative training techniques that will help with communication and relationship building skills.

The article from where we obtained this information was written by The SCAN Foundation President and CEO, Dr. Bruce Chernof. For more information please visit the link below.…+&utm_campaign=October+2013+Eblast&utm_medium=email

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