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Seacrest Village-Yom HaShoah

​​​​​​​I was born in the right place. I grew up in a wonderful neighborhood with an abundance of safety and tolerance. My parents were never afraid to hang up our Mezuzah. I was proud and unafraid to tell my classmates that I am Jewish. I had many of my non-Jewish friends attend my Bar Mitzvah. In my adult life, I truly cannot remember a time that I have felt uneasy or a lack of opportunity because I am Jewish. My story is unfortunately not the norm for our Jewish people. In fact, the persecution that my ancestors faced, in late 1800’s during the Russian pogroms, initiated their immigration to America. Their immigration ultimately helped pave the way for me to be born in this “right place.”

These thoughts came about during the moving service we had at Seacrest Village on the Day of Holocaust Remembrance, Yom HaShoah. Warren Odenheimer, the keynote speaker of the service, started his story by telling the audience, “I was born in the wrong place.” Born in Germany shortly before Nazi rule, Warren and his family began to feel significant oppression and anti-Semitism. Fortunately, Warren and his family were able to leave Germany shortly after Kristallnacht. As a young man, Warren and his family were uprooted from their home in Germany. The Odenheimers migrated through Russia and then spent time in the Orient.

With only $8 dollars to their name, the family was granted visas to come to America, where they settled in San Francisco. In 1941, he enlisted in service and is a WWII Veteran. He has spoken to other groups about his story to help us ensure that we will not forget.

A moment at the Seacrest Village Yom HaShoah service, that I hope to never forget, occurred when Rabbi Patti asked all of our Holocaust survivors to stand up and light a candle. The candles symbolize and honor the 6 million Jews that were murdered. I was overwhelmed to see 22 survivors, our residents, proudly light these candles. (We have an additional 5 survivors at Seacrest Village Rancho Bernardo) As time goes on, the ability to see the faces and hear the stories of people who lived through this horrific time in history will become more and more of a rarity. Once these survivors are gone, how will we carry on their memory, legacy and message? How will we ensure that future generations grow up in the “right place” like I did?

We still have an incredible resource of people living and articulating their story and message. It is our responsibility to listen and never forget, so we can pass their teachings down to future generations to ensure that this will never happen again. It is an honor to work with and live amongst a group of people that inspire us to make the world a more tolerant and loving place.
Jon Schwartz

Above and Beyond Care

For this week’s blog, I would like to share a quick story.  San Diego made national news as multiple wild fires swept across different parts of the County.  With the unseasonably warm and windy weather, the fires were able to breed and multiply quickly, making it very challenging for fire fighters to keep the flames at bay.  While the situation is starting to improve, these fires impacted thousands of acres; inflicted millions of dollars in damages as well as many homes have been lost. Communities were forced to evacuate their homes as the fires became too close to their neighborhood. Several people were displaced from their normal routines as these fires made life a little more complicated.

One such individual that was recently displaced due to these San Diego fires was one of our clients.  Our client was with a, Seacrest at Home Care Associate, for a medical appointment at the time evacuations became mandatory.  After the appointment, the Home Care Associate and client tried to drive back to the home.  Unfortunately, all roads were blocked off and they got redirected to a nearby evacuation center.  Not knowing how long the mandatory evacuation would last, our Home Care Associate contacted the client’s family as well as Seacrest at Home to inform them of the situation.  She assured us that she would stay for as long as needed.  She was aware all streets were blocked from many directions, making it very difficult for another Home Care Associate to relieve her.

The evacuation was finally lifted after nearly 24 hours.  This incredible Home Care Associate stayed with her client, awake, the entire time.  I am so amazed at your compassion and dedication for caring in such a selfless way.  I could write so many above and beyond stories I hear about our other Home care Associates on a weekly basis, but this week we want to thank you, Faduma, for being such a wonderful addition to Seacrest at Home.


Home Care – Could We All Benefit?

Recently, I attended a panel discussion on the current and future state of aging in California. Unfortunately, the experts in this discussion painted a somewhat gloomy picture for the future. The major reason for their concern was the demographic shift that is already occurring today. By the year 2030, California will be home to over 4 million more residents 65+. This means that by 2030, 20% or 1 in every 5 people will be 65 and older. The implications of these statistics have many consequences: lack of affordable senior housing, fewer workers paying into Social Security/Medicare as well as more of our limited resources devoted toward aging and health care costs.

After these experts were finished telling us bad news, they offered a few solutions. One of their top solutions was in-home care-giving. They advocated for more and better quality in-home care options. In-home care is so critically important for many reasons. The type of care Seacrest at Home Care Associates are providing might prevent a fall, support healthy eating, inhibit loneliness and aid in the recovery of illness. All of the benefits that our Associates provide will very likely help the client avoid going to a nursing home and or hospital. Not only are the nursing home and hospital, less desired and comfortable for that person but they are also significantly more expensive for our State. By providing compassionate care to our clients, our Home Care Associates are doing far more than just helping make a meal, assisting with a shower or supplying companionship. They truly are helping secure more resources for us all, today and into the future.

The need for caring individuals like, Seacrest at Home Care Associates, will only continue to grow. I am so proud and fortunate to be a part of a wonderful group that is doing critically important work. Getting the chance to see and hear about the work our care staff is doing for our client’s and their family leaves me wanting to write those expert panelists and tell them, “not to fear, Seacrest at Home is here.”

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