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Susi Morales


Lead Associate and Preceptor

Susi has been a professional Caregiver for over five years and a volunteer for many years prior to that. As a leader, she works hard to support the efforts of all Seacrest at Home Caregivers, allowing them to focus fully on the needs of their clients.

Susi received her CNA degree in February 2019.

Hello fellow Caregivers!

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are two very common mental health diseases that our clients—and millions nationally—suffer from. As Caregivers, it is almost certain that you will encounter this and it is important to know how to handle situations that may arise.

Working with a client with either of these diseases isn’t much different than working with a client without. Compassion, oversight, and reliable assistance are the foundations of what we provide, but there are a few additional methods that you need to be aware of.

To better help explain the disease itself, and the ways to serve those clients, are Martin Perez (who you all know) and David Pinto, Assistant Supervisor of Katzin Memory Care in Seacrest Village.

Click the link on the left for the May 2019 Newsletter to view these video interviews.

As always, if you need ANYTHING, let me know.


Continuing Education

ALL Caregivers are required to have 5 hours of continuing education credit each year (10 hours for first-year Caregivers).

Click here for details about this month’s in-service trainings as well as a list of online training sessions. All of these training courses will provide continuing education credits to you. In order to receive credit for your courses, you must turn in a certificate (download certificate) and return to Susi Morales.

We offer in-house training for your convenience at Seacrest Village and in the Seacrest at Home office. You can also find courses many other places online. It is your obligation to maintain the required hours for your HCA registration.