Caregiver Resources

World Health Worker Week 2020

In any other year we would normally take a brief moment to think about how important our #frontline healthcare workers are, and then go on with our day.

But this is a different year. This April, our respect and gratitude for the millions of healthcare workers who go to work every day during the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be stated in words. What’s worse, given social distancing guidelines, we cannot hug or embrace them for their service.

Seacrest at Home’s Caregivers come to work each day and providing vital care to their clients who would otherwise be without assistance. Here are some of our frontline heroes, whom we are honored to call colleagues. To the millions of other Caregivers around the world, thank you. You are more important than most realize, but to some, you are the most important person in the world.

Hello fellow Caregivers!

Continuing Education

All caregiving staff are required to have 10 hours of education during their initial first year of caregiving, and 5 hours annually each year thereafter.
Seacrest at Home provides education periodically, and will also direct staff to free education elsewhere. It is the caregiver’s responsibility to assure appropriate education hours are completed.