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Susi Morales


Lead Associate and Preceptor

Susi has been a professional Caregiver for over five years and a volunteer for many years prior to that. As a leader, she works hard to support the efforts of all Seacrest at Home Caregivers, allowing them to focus fully on the needs of their clients.

Susi received her CNA degree in February 2019.


Hello fellow Caregivers!

November may be Diabetes Awareness Month but that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss it in March. As Caregivers, it is our job to remain vigilant regarding the overall care of our clients. We have to be aware of changes in mood, cognitive and physical ability, weight, and others, as they may be symptoms of diabetes and/or other conditions.

We are also focusing, once again, on self-care. Our first newsletter explained the importance of physical activity and this month, we’ll look at ways to reduce stress. You might even catch a glimpse of what the Seacrest Management Team does to blow off stress in their own lives. Since you are all such hard-working people, it is very important to make time in your schedule to practice your favorite stress-relieving activity!

As always, if you need ANYTHING, let me know.