Above and Beyond Care

For this week’s blog, I would like to share a quick story.  San Diego made national news as multiple wild fires swept across different parts of the County.  With the unseasonably warm and windy weather, the fires were able to breed and multiply quickly, making it very challenging for fire fighters to keep the flames at bay.  While the situation is starting to improve, these fires impacted thousands of acres; inflicted millions of dollars in damages as well as many homes have been lost. Communities were forced to evacuate their homes as the fires became too close to their neighborhood. Several people were displaced from their normal routines as these fires made life a little more complicated.

One such individual that was recently displaced due to these San Diego fires was one of our clients.  Our client was with a, Seacrest at Home Care Associate, for a medical appointment at the time evacuations became mandatory.  After the appointment, the Home Care Associate and client tried to drive back to the home.  Unfortunately, all roads were blocked off and they got redirected to a nearby evacuation center.  Not knowing how long the mandatory evacuation would last, our Home Care Associate contacted the client’s family as well as Seacrest at Home to inform them of the situation.  She assured us that she would stay for as long as needed.  She was aware all streets were blocked from many directions, making it very difficult for another Home Care Associate to relieve her.

The evacuation was finally lifted after nearly 24 hours.  This incredible Home Care Associate stayed with her client, awake, the entire time.  I am so amazed at your compassion and dedication for caring in such a selfless way.  I could write so many above and beyond stories I hear about our other Home care Associates on a weekly basis, but this week we want to thank you, Faduma, for being such a wonderful addition to Seacrest at Home.