10 Tips on How to Age with Independence

Dr. Bruce Chernof, President and CEO of SCAN Foundation, has released 10 helpful tips on aging with dignity and independence. At Seacrest at Home, our primary goal is to assist in providing care and resources to our community. Our aim is to take the 10 tips Dr. Chernof offers and implement them in our Seacrest at Home training. Below is the link of Dr. Chernof’s 10 short videos. If you don’t have time to watch all 10 videos, please refer to my outline.

1. What’s your plan for Aging?

With a plethora of senior care options out on the market, it is critical that people have open conversations with their family and friends about personal preferences.

2. Is your Doctor up to date?

Tracking medications is vital. Keep your doctor up to date with your medications. This will help prevent overdose, unnecessary treatment or a dangerous drug interaction.

3. Make your home comfortable and safe

Take a walk through each room as well as outside your home. Take a list of potential risks, including rugs, stairs and high reaching kitchen appliances. By modifying one’s home to make it more safe and more that individual is increasing their chance of remaining happy and healthy at home.

4. Where do you find help with everyday tasks?

Knowledge is power. This is a vast array of senior care options in San Diego County. Seacrest at Home has their own list of referrals that we have vetted and trust. Also, San Diego County has their own Aging and Independence Services department. Their number is: 800-510-2020.

5. Staying active makes a big difference.

No matter what one’s age is; it is critical to remain physically, socially and emotionally active. Often our Home Care Associates make it possible for one to remain active. Whether it is a ride to visit a friend or providing companionship, Seacrest at Home recognizes the importance of helping those remain active.

6. Who’s on your team?

Doctors, family, friends, caregivers, social workers, neighbors all constitute as a team. It is important to be sure you have their contact information readily available if there is a need.

7. Knowing when to ask for help is key.

It is never easy to ask for help, however people that age well often ask for help with transportation, bathing or meal preparation. This help can allow for seniors to age in place and remain independent for much longer.

8. 70% of people over 65 need an average of three years of long term care.

With the rise in people 65+ expected to increase dramatically over the coming years, we at Seacrest at Home hope to be able to help provide care to individuals that need long or short term care.

9. Find out what resources are available.

Life as we get older often becomes more expensive. The higher level of care that is needed, comes with a higher expense. Many organizations in San Diego County are not for profit and can help with your aging needs. Seacrest at Home, Seacrest Village, ElderHelp and Jewish Family Services of San Diego are just to name a few.

10. What can you do without spending a lot of money?

Spending money is not essential to have a good time. Local senior centers, the JCC and Jewish Family Services often have free events for seniors. There are so many ways to be involved and remain active, without spending a lot of money!