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Seacrest Village-Yom HaShoah

​​​​​​​I was born in the right place. I grew up in a wonderful neighborhood with an abundance of safety and tolerance. My parents were never afraid to hang up our Mezuzah. I was proud and unafraid to tell my classmates that I am Jewish. I had many of my non-Jewish friends attend my Bar Mitzvah. …


10 Inspirational Quotes on Aging    


Record Marathon…at 91

Last Sunday, a woman set an official international record marathon time at the Rock N’ Roll Marathon, right here in San Diego! No, this woman did not win the race. Perhaps though, the record she set was more impressive than the actual winner. Harriet Thompson, a 91 year old, shattered the women’s record for those …


When Older People Walk Now, They Stay Indepedent Later

Successful aging is the new craze. Our society is experiencing a massive influx of seniors. These individuals and our culture want to know how to age well. A critical component of successful aging is the freedom from physical disability. With that being said, earlier this week, the journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), published …


10 Tips on How to Age with Independence

Dr. Bruce Chernof, President and CEO of SCAN Foundation, has released 10 helpful tips on aging with dignity and independence. At Seacrest at Home, our primary goal is to assist in providing care and resources to our community. Our aim is to take the 10 tips Dr. Chernof offers and implement them in our Seacrest …


Happiness – Key to Fountain of Youth

Billions of dollars coupled with our world’s most brilliant minds have worked tirelessly for hundreds maybe even thousands of years to find the fountain of youth. The concept of the fountain of youth is heavily sought after as it promises to eliminate common aging maladies (loss of friends and family, higher incidence of disease, a …


Add Life to Years

If there was a pill that one could take, in which this pill would enable an individual to live to be 200 years old, would you take it? I am fascinated by this question because I do believe that one day in the future, we as a society, will have to grapple with this question. …